Greetings, World!

It has been a few weeks since I have started this (as yet unfinished) blog – thus, I feel it is time to at least introduce myself.

I’m Bobbi – I am 24, single, and an avid book enthusiast. I work in the warehouse of a large publishing company, where I get to pick ten free books a month (awesome, right?!) All day, I am surrounded by books in every format – new hardcovers, mass trade paperbacks, audiotapes, limited & signed editions, and more. I have learned so much about how book orders are filled, from the moment they are ‘waved’ or ordered to the moment they are shipped. I have packed, shipped, counted, and cleaned countless amounts of books in my first year there. Needless to say, it is a fitting place for a bookworm to find a steady income (plus great benefits).

I started “Big Bang” in the hopes that I could offer readers my own thoughts on any given book – old or new, short or long, there will be variety. I also want to offer a deeper perspective into a book’s release and marketed audience, insight that I have gained from working closely with marketing and publicity materials. It is also my hope to become more engaged in my role in the publishing industry, and use what I have learned to create solid, comprehensive book reviews.

Books are necessary. Now more than ever, books are vital for inspiring empathy, uniting people with a shared narrative, and starting conversations that address the issues that we must not abandon. I have always believed that books are the best medium for creating strong, empathetic, critical-minded individuals who we desperately need to make sense of this world and keep ignorance at bay. Books have an enormous effect on our lives and brains, and if we encouraged more kids and teens to dive into the reading world, society would be better off. For it is through reading that we create compassion, thoughtfulness, the ability to ask questions, and the readiness to think critically about our world.

So, I say “Welcome” – welcome to my blog, and thank you for visiting. If there’s a book you’d like to see reviewed, leave a message or a comment! I’d love to hear from you. Happy reading xoxo